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Litigation Services

Let’s start with what is not immediately obvious. Cut and dry disputes rarely see the courthouse. Think about it – if you know you are on the right side of a dispute, and the other party knows you are on the right side as well, what benefit is there in litigating the matter other than to see how the court rectifies the situation? Disputes like these tend to settle themselves, if only so the parties do not have to incur the costs of litigation or, in the case of the losing party, have a legal judgment entered against him or her.

The disputes that require litigation are those in which the parties naturally see the facts and law of a situation differently. The issue in dispute may be as complex as the interaction of multiple federal and state laws to an investment offering or as simple as the amount of damages arising from an auto accident. Disputes of fact and law often require litigation for resolution, because each party believes he or she is in the right, while the other is in the wrong.

People, organizations, and governments make mistakes that injure others, whether in a physical, emotional, or financial sense. Worse, these same parties sometimes intentionally do things that cause injury. In either event, litigation is sometimes the only way to remedy the damage. It can also be the most effective way to teach those who cause harm to adjust their conduct to conform to societal norms and the law.

We at Vineyard Legal Services will work with you to determine if litigation is an appropriate option to receive your own remedy. We also represent those who are accused of wrongdoing, because sometimes others, including the injured and aggrieved, are the cause of a disputed injury. Or sometimes the law precludes litigation in the first place. Thus, Vineyard Legal Services is not beholden to the Plaintiff’s side of a dispute or to the Defendant’s side. We are here for you.


Below are just some of the many areas of law in which we have substantial experience:

  • Personal injury/wrongful death, including that arising from transportation, work site, premises, and product liability
  • Breach of contract
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Business disputes
  • Professional malpractice, including that of lawyers, accountants, insurance agents and brokers, architects and engineers, securities brokers, and investment advisors
  • Construction law
  • Insurance coverage and bad faith
  • Employment, including wage and hour violations, discrimination, wrongful discharge or retaliation, and disability accommodation
  • Fraudulent transfers
  • Landlord/tenant
  • Securities


Whether you are a contractor or homeowner, insurer or insured, employer or employee, or simply plaintiff or defendant, Vineyard Legal Services works to represent your best interests and advocate to judge and jury, if necessary, your side of the story. If you find yourself in a legal dispute and need representation, please contact Vineyard Legal Services or use our Scheduling Calendar to reserve a date and time by which we may provide you a free initial consultation.